Aug 17

[Chinese] The New Investment Guarantees and Incentives Law

29 August, 2017

[Chinese] In an attempt to attract new foreign direct investment (FDI) to Egypt, President Abdel Fattah El Sisi had promised


Jun 17

[Chinese] Promulgation of Egypt’s New Investment Law

15 June, 2017

[Chinese] An amendment to the 1997 Investment Law No. 8, the aim of which is to attract new investments into


May 17

[Chinese] Further Developments for Egypt’s Economic Reform

30 May, 2017

[Chinese] After several years marked by economic turbulence and uncertainty, two major political actions earlier this year launched Egypt towards


May 17

[Chinese] Libya – Promising Future Ahead

9 May, 2017

[Chinese] This year, we are excited to sponsor the Libya Investment Summit 2017 which is scheduled to take place at


Mar 17

[Chinese] Egypt: Jurisdiction Update

21 March, 2017

[Chinese] The State Council has dispatched the new investment draft law back to the cabinet for reconsideration of its conclusions


Feb 17

[Chinese] Increase of Patent Examination Fees in Egypt

25 February, 2017

[Chinese] Please be advised that the President of the Academy of the Scientific Research and Technology has issued a new


Mar 16

Mandatory GOEIC Registrations for Importing Products into Egypt

17 March, 2016

Egypt’s Ministry of Trade and Industry issued decree 43 for the year 2016, on January 16th, amending the rules organizing


Feb 16

Africa Rising

25 February, 2016

In recent years, Africa has faced numerous challenges, and is still facing difficult times; however, the continent still poses an


Feb 16

Trademarks & Patents Registrations

21 February, 2016

Eldib & Co is pleased to announce the latest expansions that have taken place. We have extended our IP services


Feb 16

Kuwait – New 2016 Official fees for the Enactment of Trademarks

2 February, 2016

Kuwait – New 2016 Official fees for the Enactment of Trademarks In the wake of the new year, the Kuwaiti Trademark


Jan 16

Eldib & Co announces new partners

1 January, 2016

Eldib & Co, Egypt’s most experienced full service law firm, has announced the promotion of four new partners.   Mostafa


Sep 15

New Regulations for Investment

28 September, 2015

New Regulations for Investment, Guarantee and Incentive Laws Egypt’s Prime Minister has recently issued a decree, no. 1820 of 2015,


May 15

Copyright Licensor Collects Substantial Reward from Court

20 May, 2015

Copyright licensor collect substantial reward from court An emphatic result took place for owners and exclusive licensor of media content


Apr 15

Egypt’s Economic Development Conference

13 April, 2015

To promote more foreign investment in Egypt after a successful economic conference, Egypt has issued new laws that will allow


Nov 14

New Suez Canal Project

27 November, 2014

A new dawn is upon Egypt with recent news of the major developments taking place with the Suez Canal. As