Mandatory GOEIC Registrations for Importing Products into Egypt

Egypt’s Ministry of Trade and Industry issued decree 43 for the year 2016, on January 16th, amending the rules organizing the registration of factories qualified to export listed products to Egypt. The new decree requires factories and companies, who own trademarks in Egypt, to export listed products and to register their trademarks with the General Organization for Export and Import Control (GOEIC). A Ministerial decree concerned with foreign trade; however, will be issued where they may exempt any or all registration conditions determined thereby. The decree that is based on the proposition of trade agreements and foreign trade shall come into effect two months after the date of its publication and will, in turn, cancel all previous decrees contradicting the provisions of this Decree. As a global law firm with Egyptian roots, Eldib & Co is ready to provide assistance to our clients throughout the registration process and all the related procedures. Relying on its extensive expertise across a multitude of sectors, Eldib & Co can offer comprehensive and precise advice covering corporate and commercial matters; ensuring highest standards and proficient service. Commodities to be released for trade purposes under condition of being the production of registered factories, or being imported from companies, owners of trademarks, or their distribution centers are as follows:
No. Commodity
1 Milk and dairy products (except for children milk), not exceeding 2 kg
2 Preserved and dried fruits prepared for retail sale, not exceeding 2 kg
3 Oils and greases prepared for retail sale in packs, not exceeding 5 kg
4 Sugar products
5 Chocolates and other food items that include cocoa prepared for retail sale, not exceeding 2 kg
6 Dough and foods prepared for cereals, bread products, and baked goods
7 Fruit juices prepared for retail sale in packs not exceeding 10 kg
8 Fresh/ mineral waters and soft drinks
9 Cosmetics and oral or dental care products, deodorants, bathing products and perfumes
10 Soap and detergents, prepared for retail sale
11 Table, eating, and kitchen utensils
12 Tubs, basins, wash-basins, toilet seats, toilet covers and other sanitary products
13 Sanitary paper, cosmetic paper, diapers, towels and table cloths
14 Floor and wall tiles
15 Glass items for table and kitchen use
16 Reinforcing steel
17 Household appliances (refrigerators, ACs, fans, washing machines, electric water heaters, televisions, radios, etc…)
18 Home and office furniture
19 Bicycles and motorbikes
20 Watches
21 Light sets for household use
22 Toys for children
23 Furniture, except that used for professional protection, diving and medical uses
24 Rugs, floor and wall coverings, and textile and non-textile rugs
25 Shoes
Decree 43 for the year 2016 will be enforced starting the 16th of March, 2016. Eldib & Co invites you to send all your queries, in regards to the required documents or any other questions, to or