Trademarks: Filing Requirements in Libya

Taking into consideration the recent instability of the Libyan Arab Republic, the Libyan Trademark Office has wide discretionary power in determining whether to approve or reject a trademark application. Although the below mentioned are the commonly requested documents, further documentation may be requested, which may vary from case to case. Kindly find hereunder the documents needed for Filing and Renewal:
  • Filing requirements:Power of attorney (legalized up to the Libyan Consulate) 2. Certificate of incorporation or Extract from the Commercial register (legalized up to the Libyan Consulate). If the applicant is an individual, a legalized copy of the business license or professional association is required 3. A certified copy of the Priority document legalized by the Libyan Consulate if claimed
  • Renewal requirements:Power of attorney (legalized up to the Libyan Consulate)
  • Notes:  Late filings are not permitted
Based on the above, we kindly urge our clients to remain patient until the prevailing political situation is resolved. We shall keep you closely advised as to the latest developments in Libya. Kind Regards, Eldib & Co
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