• 1875The Firm founded in Alexandria
  • 1949Introduction of the first Egyptian partners
  • 1961Inauguration of the Cairo office
  • 2004Inauguration of the Libya office
  • 2016Merged with Abdelhadi Intellectual Property
  • 2018Inauguration of Turkey’s Office (Europe Hub Office)
  • 2020Inauguration of China Office (Asia Hub Office)
Starting off with a specialisation in Commercial and Shipping law, the firm quickly gained a lot of ground internationally. Decades of practice, and an expanding and changing business climate has encouraged the firm to branch out, expanding the areas of practice to focus on fields such as Banking, Corporate and Intellectual Property, amongst others. Today, over a hundred years later, our full-service approach in a multitude of sectors has become the driving force behind the firm’s success. Our Intellectual Property department boasts a worldwide reputation, and is known as the oldest and strongest IP firm in Egypt and North Africa. Today, the firm continues to uphold the highest standard of services and reputation and is there to help clients overcome their legal challenges.