Updates following unrest in Libya and Sudan

Turmoil in Libya

As you have likely learned, tensions are rising in Libya as the capital of Tripoli and surrounding areas are affected by clashes and impending danger in the nation.

Political protests in Khartoum

Anti-president protests in the Sudanese capital of Khartoum are ongoing and continuing to grow with military intervention imminent.

These events could interrupt business flow in Libya and Sudan respectively.

Our firms in both jurisdictions are open as usual and we will do our best to make sure that instructions are attended to in a timely fashion, yet we expect that there may be periods of danger not allowing our teams to proceed with scheduled work, times where government entities will be closed, and periods where electricity, phone and internet connections may be affected.

We ask for your cooperation during this time and to allow for delays. We also ask that instructions for Libya and Sudan are sent well in advance of any deadlines, allowing ample time for the firm to act in case of any of the above scenarios.
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