Entertainment Law and the Creative Industry

Since the advent of digital technology, media and entertainment industries are becoming increasingly complex. Understanding the dynamics between intellectual property, digital rights, and distribution channels requires a highly trained legal team with relevant industry experience and a history of innovative problem-solving.

We have worked across the Middle East and Africa, dealing with cases involving:
  • Corporate issues (including finance, investment, regulatory, antitrust, competition, and administrative issues)
  • Dispute resolution
  • Intellectual property
  • Production
  • Rights acquisition
  • Media rights
Our vast experience has given us the opportunity to represent a spectrum of creatives and organizations across the entertainment industry, including:
  • Film studios and producers
  • Advertising (including promoters, event promoters, sponsors)
  • Financial backing (investors, banks, corporations)
  • Broadcasters and distributors
  • Rights holders
  • Leagues and clubs
  • Owners of franchises
  • Governments and regulators
Our reach also extends to the gaming community, where we advised top gaming operators and suppliers to help them navigate the intricate local laws and regulation surrounding their industry.

Media & Entertainment

Our firm was built on a strong creative foundation, which allowed us to form robust ties with the worlds of media and entertainment. We have a team of leading industry professionals with the necessary expertise and experience to guarantee comprehensive representation to anyone in the media and entertainment business. Whether our clients are industry veterans seeking better representation or new faces who need their rights represented, we are committed to advising them through whatever may come.

Digital and social media

In the modern media and entertainment industry, there are more moving parts than ever before. The breadth of social media applications continues to grow and search engines reach an endless supply of images, audio, video, television, movies, and video games.

Our legal advice covers everything, from content creation and funding to distribution rights across a vast number of platforms. We provide complete coverage with a team experienced in all digital fields, including:
  • Producers
  • Social media platforms
  • Multi-Channel Networks (MCNs)
  • Social media influencers
  • YouTube stars
  • Game developers
  • Digital publishers
  • Marketing agencies
  • Magazines
  • TV channels
  • Retailers

Employment in Media

Within the entertainment industry, the process for hiring, terminating, promoting, and demoting employees is far more nuanced than in other industries. Doing things the right way, through smart contracts and execution, can protect you from potentially problematic legal situations.

Our team deals with a variety of clients, through all processes of employment, including how to intelligently and legally source talent from outside the country. We help clients consider potentially lucrative business options, such as re-channeling resources that are underutilized.

We have a diverse range of experience in this particularly sensitive area. The employment issues we help our clients handle include:
  • Hiring freelancers to maximize company resources while getting value
  • Using employment agencies to find fresh talent all over the world
  • Diversity at work, including gender pay equality
  • Health management in the organization
  • Bringing in international staff and moving employees across the world.

Live Events and Theatre

Live events are thrilling spectacles, but they can also produce tortuous legal matters. Whether live music, theatre, sport, exhibitions, a product launch, or a one-off event—our legal specialists have a history of successfully managing live events. Directors, theater owners, licensing organizations, theatrical agents, and not-for-profit theaters have turned to us in the past for legal protection and guidance.

We’ve helped launch the careers of many artists, writers, managers, and producers by analyzing their careers, growing and developing positive reputations, and effectively protecting their rights in the industry. Few firms have our depth of legal experience for managing all live events, including their digital aspects.

Some of the areas we can offer representation for include:
  • Negotiating live event and stage rights agreements for producers, book writers, composers and playwrights
  • Negotiating artist service rights
  • Structuring the compensating and financing agreements for our clients, including tax implications, securities analysis, and preparation of investment documents


Many musicians make the mistake of waiting too long before they hire a lawyer. The best time to seek legal council is before you need it. We help our clients consider the not-so-obvious matters of the industry, like licensing, copyrights, and intellectual property.

Our team of lawyers are not only experienced in the requisite standards but are up-to-date with the constantly evolving music industry. We understand the impact of technology and know when it encroaches on an individual’s rights.

We’ve worked with record labels, promoters, publishers, event organizers, radio stations, and talent companies. We welcome upcoming songwriters, producers, and anyone attempting to break into the industry. Our portfolio showcases work from across the spectrum.

Some of the work we have done in the industry includes:
  • Advising clients on the digital platforms to focus on and helping them plan implementation strategies
  • Negotiating deals such as recording and publishing deals
  • Negotiating distribution deals for our clients
  • Advising our clients about joint ventures
  • Advising our clients on issues regarding global stages
  • Negotiating sponsorship deals for our clients
  • Advising our clients on merchandising strategies
We have also helped our clients get past a range of issues, such as copyright infringement and ownership, disputes between past business partners, and even trademark issues.


Advances in technology are changing the nature of publishing law. Online and digital publishing have created a new world of laws and regulations regarding the proper way to publish information.

To be an insightful publishing lawyer, one must know the traditional approaches to the industry while likewise understanding the modern world of online publishing laws, such as those regarding domain name protection and the quality of products and services offered.

For those in the publishing industry, it is advisable to seek advice early in your career to avoid any potential obstacles.

We work with established brands, personalities, and startups. Our services include:
  • Drafting comprehensive publishing contracts and licenses
  • Protecting our clients’ intellectual property and copyrights
  • Representing our clients in cases of defamation
  • Negotiating M&As and joint ventures
  • Advising our clients on how to market their services and working closely with their marketing and advertising teams
  • Informing our clients of the constantly changing laws to help them remain on the right side of the law


Misunderstandings are commonplace in the entertainment industry. Talent agencies, talent managers, songwriters, and artists all need someone on their side who can offer legal advice and help solve disputes and potential conflicts in the most appropriate way.

Since our daily activities include dealing with industry professionals across Egypt, North Africa and the Middle East as a whole, we have garnered a wealth of experience that allows us to deliver solid results for our clients over the years.

Some of the areas we have worked in include:
  • Preparing our clients for major legislative changes
  • Negotiating celebrity book deals
  • Negotiating merchandising deals
  • Advising our clients on potential reputational damage and how to handle defamation
The growth of social media has allowed us to represent talents such as YouTube stars, vloggers, and bloggers. Our team keeps up with everything that goes on in the industry and acquires the necessary skills to cover any entrant skill.

TV and Film

Our team of professionals has combined experience in film and TV, offering services to some of the biggest film and distribution companies, major broadcasting corporations, and digital content creators and owners.

With our experience, we are in a position to guarantee our clients sound advice regarding production, distribution, and any other aspect of TV and film.

Some of the areas we have worked in include:
  • Advising our clients on issues regarding TV, film and online content publication and distribution
  • Drafting contract agreements
  • Educating our clients on their intellectual property rights and how to protect them
  • Advising clients on funding structures, emerging ways to fund their businesses and how to make the most out of their products and services