Media, Entertainment, and Television

A sector that is developing almost as fast as the technology it uses, today, media, entertainment and television are more competitive than they’ve ever been; further, they’re constantly changing. For key players to thrive, innovation in their product offering, distribution, content and customer experience is a must and Eldib & Co can offer its services to support this innovation. As the oldest firm in Egypt providing intellectual property legal assistance, we advise clients on how to protect their intellectual assets, how to adapt them to changing technologies and how to increase revenues. From Internet based platforms such as e-commerce businesses and online TV channels to traditional media such as advertising agencies and production companies, our clients’ are varied yet our pragmatic approach is the same. The industry knows Eldib & Co is a name that can be counted on with a strong reputation to uphold. We have achieved an emphatic result for owners and exclusive licensor of media content and copyrights in Egypt when one of the largest compensatory awards made in the Middle East region was issued by the Economic Court with reference to the non-payment of royalty fees and the imposing of liquidated damages. As a result we were the first firm in Egypt to receive a judgment through the implementation of UAE regulations. We also represented some of the most reputable journalists and anchors in criminal proceedings in which they received presidential pardons.