A firm initially founded specialising in maritime law, when it comes to shipping, at Eldib & Co, we are confident that we have the right experience in the right place. We are ideally positioned to provide legal support to ship owners, operators, charters, cargo owners, marine insurers, and any other industry stakeholder. From environmental regulations to accident risks, maritime law affects businesses around the world, and at Eldib & Co, we work closely together with our clients using a preemptive approach to minimise their potential future liabilities.

Our specialised team of lawyers can offer assistance in matters involving insurance and reassurance, international regulatory requirements, structuring strategic alliances, litigation and can more broadly advise on all aspects of maritime law.

Some of the notable cases in which our team have handled are, “Salem Express” case of the Red Sea in 1991, “Baltiyskie Zori” pollution in Tiran Straights in 1994, “Al Samidoon” pollution in Suez Canal in 2004, “Pearl of Jebel Ali” collision in Suez Canal in 2005, “Al Salam Boccaccio 98” in the Red Sea in 2006, and “Ibn Batouta” in the Red Sea in 2009.