Technology & Telecommunication

Eldib & Co attorneys have a strong understanding of the technology and telecommunication sector and offer industry-focused, relevant advice to our clients. Our experts have full industry exposure and specialise in different areas of the sector such as the Internet, mobile apps and the broader telecom industry ranging from bandwidth structuring to daily operations. We deal with clients of different sizes and nature, from start-ups to big established key players and are able to handle matters irrespectively of their size and complexity.

Keeping our clients’ strategic goals in mind, we strive to provide the most beneficial advice. We offer support with regulatory compliance, competition, mergers and acquisitions, litigation, tax matters, privacy, IP related issues and dispute resolution. Clients entrust Eldib & Co for our cutting-edge solutions and timely responses.

Today, Eldib & Co represents the largest information technology company in the world. We have assisted them incorporate their company in Egypt with a capital of over $500 million dollars. We also assist them in regards to raids on counterfeit and infringed products as well as the revision and drafting of distributorship agreements. Furthermore, we represent some of the world’s most famous mobile application companies in terms of protecting their intellectual property rights in Egypt and the region as a whole.