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  • 1875 – Firm founded in Alexandria
  • 1949 – Introduction of the first Egyptian partners
  • 1961 – Inauguration of the Cairo office
  • 2004 – Inauguration of the Libya office
  • 2016 – Merged with Abdelhadi – Intellectual Property
  • 2018 – Inauguration of Turkey Office (Europe Hub Office)
  • 2020 - Inauguration of China Office (Asia Hub Office)

Starting off with a specialization in Maritime law, the firm quickly gained a lot of ground internationally. Years of practice, and an expanding and changing business climate has encouraged the firm to branch out, expanding the areas of practice to focus on fields such as Banking,

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Arbitration & Alternative Dispute Resolution

With traditional judicial methods more expensive than ever, clients and counsels alike are more inclined towards non-judicial methods of dispute resolution. At Eldib & Co we offer services in mediation, arbitration, conciliation, and other means of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) to support our clients. We work, together with clients, serving as arbitrators and mediators in court-annexed and private proceedings, as third-party neutrals for early case evaluations, and in other neutral advisory mediations. We also advise on an appropriate ADR mechanism to proceed with, which we are happy to take charge of and represent the client in from start to finish.

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