Dispute Resolution

In order to attain the best possible outcome for a case, having an elite team of highly qualified lawyers is essential. Our Dispute Resolution team is equipped to handle any case, with a breadth of legal experience, including:
  • Managing civil, commercial, and criminal cases
  • Consulting in real estate transactions
  • Representing shipping and transport legal matters
  • Handling IPR and labor disputes
Carefully analyzing the risk and costs of litigation, we create tailor-made strategies for our clients. As such, our objectives shift in regards to our clients’ objectives and expectations. Quality control is paramount. We are efficient, goal oriented, and generous with our time. Meticulous peer review and extensive preparation are hallmarks of our practice.


Rather than enduring a costly and lengthy trial, arbitration can offer a more prudent and beneficial resolution. We have represented countless cases, ranging from corporate to government, and are well-versed in both ad-hoc and institutional arbitration cases. Our experience covers a range of industries, including:
  • Shipping and transport
  • Arbitration award enforcement (both local and international)
  • Construction
  • Automotive
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Commercial agency


Smart, effective litigation is at the heart of our practice. We understand both the complexities and nuances of trial law. Every move we make is in the best interest of our clients. For transparency, we keep our clients satisfied and informed of all decisions.

We have represented cases on an international scale, in matters involving:
  • Transportation (including aviation, automotive, shipping)
  • Technology (including electronics, media, telecommunication, and social media)
  • Consumer products (including luxury brands and retailers)
  • Energy (including oil and gas)
  • Food, drink, and hospitality
  • Logistics
  • Pharmaceutical

Criminal Litigation

Criminal litigation in white collar and insurance matters requires diligence and meticulousness. Understanding these two virtues has helped us defend clients in high-profile cases, ordered by District Attorneys, Attorneys General, and other regulatory entities.

Whether a criminal case or the associated appeals process, our goal remains the same: we want to achieve the most favorable results for our clients. Our experienced team is well-versed in the complexities of court litigation, managing simultaneous inquiry scenarios and providing support in civil cases.

Often, we are able to resolve investigations subtly, without prosecution or public action.
  • Assisting in extradition and amnesty matters
  • Liberating clients from frozen accounts and asset-tracing (even internationally)
  • Protecting in breach of trust and embezzlement cases
  • Defending and advocacy in public courts
  • Defending in bribery, corporate fraud, and forgery cases
  • Advising in legal and remedial matters
  • Protecting clients from anti-money laundering and internal investigations

Intellectual Property Litigation

Intellectual property disputes are by nature highly conceptual and sophisticated. Especially in the cases of anti-counterfeiting and copyright infringement, we are a leader in Egypt and the region as a whole. Our extensive experience has earned us an exceedingly high success rate in defending intellectual property litigation and management. Numerous businesses and individuals have entrusted us in high-stakes cases because of our track record.

The firm’s dispute resolution team advises in a range of intellectual property cases, from simple disputes to high profile cases. It acts for parties, large and small, from individual inventors to startups and international companies.

Our team has a wide variety of technical backgrounds in science, engineering, biotechnology, and computer-related fields. We are able to efficiently defend complex technical cases, including:
  • Advertising disputes
  • Confidential information litigation
  • Copyright infringements cases
  • Domain name disputes and litigation
  • Industrial design litigation
  • Intellectual property enforcement cases
  • Patent infringement, patent interference, and patent-related antitrust suits
  • Trademarks and trade dress disputes
  • Trademarks counterfeit and infringement litigation
  • Trademarks opposition and cancellation proceedings
  • Unfair competition litigation