Official announcement of opening Eldib&Co new office in Istanbul, Turkey

We are proud to announce that we have expanded our business to a new location. Our newest addition is located in Istanbul, Turkey. This will enable us to respond effectively to the growing needs of our varied customers across the world and serve as our European hub.

The opening will be a great place to meet prospects, deliver high quality legal services and build credibility for the business opportunities that Eldib&Co offers.

Eldib & Co, is a global law firm based in Cairo, Egypt, with 7 hub-offices (in Alexandria (Egypt), Libya, Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Sudan, and Turkey), and over 55 affiliates in the region to support our clients’ business in regards to any Legal Matters, Intellectual Property or other areas of practice.

Eldib & Co has been serving clients across the world since 1875. The firm offers a wide array of legal services including anti-counterfeit, arbitration, commercial, copyrights, corporate, criminal, industrial designs, labor & employment, litigation, patents, real estate & property management, trademarks, transport. Our Intellectual Property department boasts a worldwide reputation, and is known as the oldest and strongest IP firm in Egypt and North Africa starting in 1921 as we registered the first Trademark in Egypt.

Address: 42 Maslak A Block Multioffice Daire No: 278 Ahi Evran Cad. No: 6 Maslak Sariyer Istanbul, Turkey

PoC: Can Mercan Partner, Eldib&Co

Phone:                 + 90 212 809 0040
Fax:                      + 90 212 8090041
Mob.                     + 90 532 292 1204

For inquiries, information, or to request a fee schedule, please contact and
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