Sudan: Jurisdiction Update

Appeals before the competent courts only


The head of the Sudanese Registrar General of Intellectual Property has announced the cancellation of the committees of appeal. As such, any responses to office actions must be filed before the competent courts.

In accordance with the Sudanese IP Law No. 8 year 1969, article 16 (2):

“Any refusal by the Registrar to register a mark or any condition, amendment, modification or limitation imposed by him shall be subject to appeal to the Court.”

In other words, any interested party shall appeal the office action before the court within one month from the date of issuance of the office action, and the matter shall be deliberated as a law suit.

We have also inquired about the pending appeals and were advised that no decision has been taken yet in this regards.

We will keep you advised with further updates as they become available.

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